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SEO limitations & possible solutions

Hey everyone, I’m successfully using Bubble to run an online business :cowboy_hat_face:. All our traffic has been generated from offline marketing, social media or PPC ads. I’ve done everything I can in terms of on-page SEO and we don’t even appear in Google search results (and it’s a super local niche). I’ve done the usual indexing steps and given it some time, but to no avail. There is more to be done with off-page SEO but I’m not optimistic.
I stumbled across this page and it seems Bubble is inherently at a big SEO disadvantage due to it’s java-based rendering of static content.

Does anyone have any insight into whether this is in fact true?
Secondly, are there any examples of successful multi-platform sites where you use a tool such as Webflow for the homepage etc and Bubble for the back-end / dynamic content pages (using a sub-domain)?


interested as well…

ProductFlare by @help does this well, and seems to be extremely successful, as well as SendPilot. Both use Webflow as frontend, and Bubble on a subdomain.

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Do you have a sitemap? Looking at your comment on the javascript rendering it seems to me you don’t.

Sitemap will be better for indexing your pages.

My 2 cents is I prefer Webflow (as my background is design) for the frontend marketing site, and combining it with Bubble for the app itself is the perfect stack for me.

However, there are many who have built fantastic and SEO friendly apps purely on Bubble, so really it’s down to personal preference and I don’t think there is really a huge difference if I’m honest. As @nocodeventure suggests, exposing a sitemap etc in Bubble is important

Thanks for the comments guys. ProductFlare and SendPilot do look super professional. I think the Webflow landing page is the way to go.

I do have a sitemap submitted to Google but guess you’re referring to a live map hosted on Bubble?

In general, javascript heavy pages need an extra step for indexing, compared to traditional HTML + CSS websites and so there is some limitations with that. But the googlebot is smart enough to still render all of the javascript and index your content. It just means it needs slightly more time. I have a site built on bubble with several 100’s of dynamic pages not just indexed, but ranking on google for several keywords. It depends on a variety of factors and your content too. I share some of my experience here too.

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hi, who has built these SEO friendly apps? it seems like no one is able to really have good results. can you point to me some examples pleaseee

could you please let me know if this is the right way to expose it? I have it set this way and when I check on ubersuggest it says i dont have a sitemap exposed.


I’m not an expert at SEO so this question would not be for me to answer.

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