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I recently saw that the SEO function in Bubble is precarious. And the best way is to use a front-end on another platform. However, how would it be for a multi-tenant application? example: My client has his own application where the link is ( and then he puts a custom domain like (

How would the SEO work for this app? Is it impossible in Bubble? Because I have steakhouse owners that are waiting for the launch and they will use seo to reach as many customers as possible.

This problem is almost prolonging my project for later, because it was the only problem I found, and this is a big problem when it comes to several companies in their application that want to use seo on their website.

You can use a landing page builder like Webflow. Also saves a lot of time creating seo friendly blog articles. You can host your app on a subdomain.

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I understand, but what about the SEO issue on my clients’ sites within my app? my app is multi-tenant. so i would need a unique seo for each app.

For this you’ll need to use sub apps. Each tenant on its own app and domain.

I don’t see it working with SEO without sub apps. You might be able to find a workaround but I highly doubt it’s worth spending your time on it as it can be a nightmare to manage.

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This is a serious problem, because my app is Multi-store! So my clients need SEO and using Bubble SubApps doesn’t pay off, because the scale is very high.

And now, is there a solution? Good thing the project was developed mostly in figma, it was moving to Bubble when I stopped and remembered this killer detail.

I understand your pain point.

Perhaps there’s a clever workaround that i’m not aware of. Hopefully you’ll find one. I’ll keep an eye on this topic and ask other devs as well, I’ll update you if I know more.

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Closed, I’ll dive right into the in-depth study of SEO. This point is certainly a very strong pain for Bubble, and honestly, every problem requires a solution.

I too am curious how the many multi-tenant SaaS business creators here have dealt with the SEO requirements of their clients?

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It’s been a terror, so far I haven’t found anything to be able to configure this. As far as I can see, the only way is to assemble my entire application in pure code.

As a suggestion @brunmargofc I suggest you read this thread and all its links…

One answer is to put a web proxy (think Nginx as a reverse proxy on AWS or something like this) and proxy by path eg proxies to https://tenanted-app-in-bubble/?tenant=client1 proxies to https://not-bubble proxies to
etc etc

Then to search engines everything looks like it is served from the domain

However this requires

  • AWS costs (or whatever you use as it will consume bandwidth)
  • and obviously Expertise to set it up and maintain it

But it’s a thread to pull on :slight_smile:


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I’m analyzing your answer. I’m not an SEO expert, but it’s mandatory in my app… Since we’re going to work with several sellers who need their own app up and running.

Do you do this service freelancing?

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