Will Hosting Website and SPA on Separate Pages of the Same App Cause Issues?

I’m about to get my app wrapped and submitted to the App Store and I’m considering hosting my website on the index page and the single-page app on a subpage. So wesbite.com goes to the sales page of the website and my website.com/app is the page on the app stores.

I want to do this so that all the data from the website and app are in the same database. However, I have some concerns:

Will this affect the loading times of the app or website?
Could it pose challenges for obtaining accurate website analytics through Google Analytics? Can individual page analytics still be tracked effectively?

Other potential issues?

Any input on this would be appreciated.

I would recommend using a different domain and platform for your marketing page. Even if you use Bubble for your website, make it a separate app.

Thanks. Any reason why?

  1. Keep the load separate. If you go viral and your website gets swamped, you want that isolated from your actual paying users.

  2. There are a ton of platforms that are easier to build and maintain marketing websites on. Bubble is for web apps, not marketing websites. It will work, but you’re making your life more complex than it needs to be. I use Wordpress + Elementor for this. Webflow is another good option.

  3. If you end up building out 30 different marketing pages for SEO purposes, do you really want that in your bubble app with the rest of your application? That’s just messy IMO.

  4. No CMS. Bubble had no native features for managing a large number of blog posts. It’s just not designed for this purpose. If you are ever going to do content marketing, you’re going to outgrow Bubble almost immediately.