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Suggestions for a blog for SEO with bubble app?

Hi Bubblers,

How have you implemented a blog into your bubble app to provide a place to share content for SEO purposes? Did you build a page, use a template/plugin, connect with another site, etc?

How has it worked out for you?


Hi @boston85719 ,

I believe I saw in the past you may have built an SEO blogging template or plugin? How does it work? How many people use it? Do you use also it and have any measurable success with it?

Thanks so much for any insights.


Thanks for reaching out for more details.

It is a template.

It is a Bubble app, so it uses all of the features Bubble provides to take advantage of on page SEO. You could choose to start an app with it and build out your other features, or if you have an existing application you could integrate it as you would using the copy paste features of Bubble.

Since it is a template it has all UI and workflows setup for you, and can be used in multiple projects.

In terms of creating a blog you can check out the video below or go the template page and use the preview feature to play around with it.

I think it is around 20

I have it in my trainer site, but I don’t actually use it as I don’t have much time for writing blog posts, and writing about Bubble is not something I would outsource.

The SEO integration is intriguing. Do you have tutorials to setup the database and workflows for the template into an existing bubble app?


I don’t know if I ever got around to creating these. I had thought about doing it and having them available for a fee. I also provide integration services, if you’d like more details on that please send a PM.


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