Separate a list of items

Hello friends! I would like to know how I can take each item from a “list of items” and save a new item from each of these items, in another data table with just a single action

Thank you in advance for your help!

Hi there,
If I understand you correctly, you need to Schedule an API Workflow on a list and invoke the schedule using the current date/time. This does not appear to be available in the free version of

See Custom - Bubble Docs

You will need to create a back-end workflow too.

I can assist more if I have understood correctly and you need more help.


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You can use the bulk create endpoint with the data API to do it all in one action for the least WU :slight_smile:

In fact, what I need is to save each item in this “Item List” separately in another table…

for example: “Purchased Items”

What are you actually trying to do with your database structure?

But Create a new Purchased items where Items = Items’s Lista de items would save the list as you want…

Another option:
If you have a free plan (or not familiar with backend API) i think listshifter (plugin) can do this as well on the client side, depending on the scope of the task of course.

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