Separate List in Repeating Group

I’m trying to display a list in a repeating group with each item on a different line but it shows up in one with a comma. I’ve tried following the suggestions on similar posts but ended up with nothing showing up at all.

Can you tell what I may be missing?

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Hi, :wave:t2:

At the end of City abbreviation add :join with

and then manually type “line_break” without the “”.

To Improve the performance, I noticed that you are using a repeating group to create a Calendar and then, for each day you are doing a search with advanced filters.

I think that you may try using the Calendar Plugin from Bubble (is free) or some of the paid ones that are listed.

Also would be better to avoid using advanced filters or any filter that are after the “:”.
Because Bubble will retreive all the results, and then, will apply the filter. Would be really faster
if you set up the filter inside the “Do a search”.

For the issue that don’t show you results for the date=Current’s cells date , is because for Bubble the date will be for example : 26-Jul-2020 12:00 am and your current’s cells will be 26-Jul-2020 10:30 am.

So you can add to constraints:

Date >= Current’s cells date : rounded down by: day
Date <= Current’s cells date : rounded down by: day


I don’t know your database, but Maybe you will need to change or add some fields in your database things (“tables”) to have these fields to filter searchs or displaying data.

For Example, if you add in your thing “Training Day”, a field “List of Cities” that would be a list of texts with the City Name abbrevation (instead of a list of cities, that would need to Bubble do an extra search to display the Abbreviation of each City).

It can sounds to have redundant data, but sometimes that little things can really improve your performance.

Tell me if works :smiley:


Thanks feedback, @juancamilovasquezard!

For the date issue, you were right! The times didn’t match up so Bubble sees that as a different date/time. I also watched the video from @keith to learn more about dates and how they work.

To fix it, I had to change the current date's hours to match what we have in the database (data will always be imported with this timestamp).

As for separating the list, I had to search for the list on the RG (previously I was searching for just the thing and trying to filter).

Then, list the abbreviations in the text box within the RG.

All good now! Thanks again for your help!