Separate Pages or Custom States?

What is the general approach when your app has different pages - build them on their own page or hide them all on one page?

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For speed you want to put most on one page, then use states to hide/show groups based on the navigation state.

For example, you can have multiple groups, each one acting as a separate page’s content. Then have a navigation menu with different states that can be set to hide/show the different groups.

Great as that is what I have been doing. Organization has been a little difficult though. Still learning.

The way that works for me to keep things organized that I learned through the forum was to put the different groups below each other and make sure they have the collapse height when hidden box checked.

Made it easier for me to navigate between them while in the editor.


can you explain how to do that? thanks

That is super clever! Then you can view it all just by scrolling down the page in the editor.

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Here is a link to the editor…I also use a free plugin to change the URL so that you can set the visibility of the group based on the URL…this will allow somebody to share your URL and be brought to the page with elements visible.

For example if you follow the link below Group 2 will be visible

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