Separating elements in repeating groups

I’ve just added a new page and repeating group module to my app via Air dev canvas. I’m having trouble changing the individual images and content for each item in the group (i.e. When I change the image for one, it repeats across the three). How do I get it to be different for each one without ungrouping the image and text boxes.


Well those would seem to be all the same item, wouldn’t they?

You need to refer using Current cell in data source. Can you provide screenshot of your image element setting?

That’s a photo of the module from airdev. I assumed the group structure and not the content would repeat when I added it. Kept trying to ungroup the elements but it deleted the other two repeating items. I’ll send a screenshot of what’s going on in the backend

Not my template, so can’t advise. But the idea here is you put your list in the repeating group and visualize it.

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