Repeating groups, groups and APIs

Hey, I can’t find a way to solve this issue, it might be easy for some of you :slight_smile:

I have a repeating group, that display new’s titles and images. (Left side)
I want to display only the image (on the right side) dynamically.

So if someone click on the first subject, the first image will be displayed on the right side.

Any ideas?

Use display data and have the image in a group with the data type as the one of the repeating group.Also have the items in the cell in a group. When the group is clicked then display data in group containing the image

. i.e Image source will be parent group news image url

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Thanks a lot, worked perfectly for me, hope will help others as well!

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Hi there, how did you get the repeating group to display a list of images? I’m trying to get images from an API GET request to display, but with no luck…

I imagine it’s something to do with me not setting the repeating groups’ data correctly, but I’m a bit confused about how to go about it.

drop you a pm, send me your editor and i will fix it up for u