Separating multiple images into individual entities?

Hey there, users have loaded multiple images to a datatype that holds say 5 or more images as one entry. Ideally I want the users to be able to reorder the images so they can choose the order in which their images are displayed. Does anyone know how I can separate them to individual entries so I can add an order number to each?

Instead of saving it as a list in one field, create a new datatype for images. This new datatype should have fields for saving image and the ‘order number’ to specify its position. In UI, you can allow users to reorder and update order of current cell image ‘order number’

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Thanks so much Alan! The only thing is the images are already saved into the database. Any idea how I can seperate and move them to the new datatype?

You will have to create a backend workflow that goes through existing list and creates a new “Image” data type record. Depending on the size of data, you could either use recursive workflows or schedule workflow on a list

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