Seriously - What is the point of the date range field?

I’ve been working on Bubble for the last few years.

Every time I think I have found a use case for the date range field… turns out that “Nope” it doesn’t work or there is a much better way to do the same thing.

My current “Ah-ha” moment came as I was thinking through how to easily display a table of dates that are based on Bi-monthly pay periods. (Ending on the 15th and last day of the month)

I thought I would create a DB item for a pay period that had a date range, then later I could use a single date to find the pay period who’s range includes the selected date.


So anyway, what is everyone else using date ranges for? Oh… and do you have a solution to my problem? :smiley:

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I guess the only positive thing I could find is date checks are easier with a date range :slight_smile: You can just ask if a date range (X-Y) contains a date (Z) instead of checking a date Z is greater than a date X and less than another date Y.

About your other problem: I could come up with something in a repeating group. I don’t know how will you store them but it will give a starting point:

I have created a repeating group for numbers from 1-12:

Then, for each cell, I print two dates.

First one is obvious:

And the second one is trickier but still. It just goes to the first day of the next month and subtracts one day:


I hear ya! I’ve been on Bubble for almost 4 years now and am yet to discover a good use.

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Super helpful, Thanks for sharing this. I actually didn’t realize I can pick a date within the range.

Someone should write a book on how dates work in Bubble. I feel like they always get me screwed up.