Server JS Script for Next Dates

Hi all, I have a javascript element on the front end which finds the next date that occurs in a given list of days. (Next date that occurs on a Monday or Wednesday etc). It works great but I can’t replicate it on the backend workflows using server script.

I’ve tried all sort of different JS from chat gpt but none of the them give me the date output I need. Any advice would be hugely appreciated! I bet it’s so simple when you know how!

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Curious to know why you might not be using the native operators in Bubble to achieve this.

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How would I do that?
So what I have is a thing with a list of days on it, (Mon, Tues etc)
And I want to run a backend workflow and then schedule it to run again on the first date that includes one of the days on the thing.

How would I acheive that with bubbles operators?

There’s a plugin to generate a list of dates and I’ve created the workflow for the rest in the demo below. Feel free to test and see if it solves your use-case :slight_smile:

OK that’s neat, I see how you’ve used the operators. Is there a way to get the list of dates without that plugin? I’m trying not to rely on plugins.

No problem :slight_smile:

You can actually refer to this then - 1T - List of Dates Plugin | Bubble

This plugin is very stable and used by lots of devs. If you want, you can use Toolbox to write a server script by taking reference from here, or even fork the plugin (since it’s open source) and create a private plugin for your app so that you have ownership of the code.

Let me know if this makes sense