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Server location

When on the dedicated plan, would it be possible to select other server locations? Like Europe if you primarily serve customers there.
I’m no expert on this, but I believe this would help with loading times?

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Yes, as long as AWS is there (we can’t commit on supporting all regions though, that’s a conversation we should have by email). It’s more about compliance than speed to be honest, but i can help a little bit as well.

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Ok. So it might not have a very noticeable effect?
Is there some way to test/measure this so one could see the cost/benefit? Would be very interesting.

You can play with a VPN and select different geographies.

Would that give a realistic impression of having the app located on a server in Europe? Maybe I’m not understanding correctly, but wouldn’t that just make my connection go through one more server before reaching my site (meaning longer loading times)?

Well you could see the impact of distances (which is pretty low based on my experience).

The reason Im asking is that some of my pages take like a couple of seconds from I press a button until there is a visible response.
Especially on buttons linked to heavy workflows.
I’m wondering if I should restructure most the actions ias scheduled workflows. Would this give a noticeable effect on a general basis, you believe?

I would try (that’s what version control is for :))

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