Set a specific item to be at the top of the list returned from database

I’m new to bubble and I’m trying to create a dropdown menu, which contains a list of users to be chosen in order to filter a query. For UX’s sake, I want the logged in user to be shown on the top of this list, regardless of the name or email or created date or basically in other common sorting order. What I’ve already done is a simple Do a search for on the dropdown menu with dynamic entries. How can I achieve this? Can I manipulate the list on client-side, or it’s some server-side(database) modification?

You can use the :merge operator to merge two searches into one…for your case of current user at top, you can select from the dynamic expression builder current user : converted to list merged with do a search

Try this:

Current user: converted to list: merged with: search for Users

Thanks for your quick responses, but wouldn’t the current user be duplicated in this case?

The answer is simply no. Sorry guys, just a newbie.