Set dropdown default value to an item with a start date/time closest to current date/time

I have a number of speaking sessions with a date and time. The user can pick a session in a drop down. I would like the default option in the dropdown element to show the session that is closest to the current date/time. Any ideas how to do that?


Have that dropdown default to an appropriate state.

Then have a workflow set the state to the required date (eg. on page load).

Hi @manuelmaccou !
if the dropdown’s value is filtered (time > current date/time) then the default value should be search for all speaking times where date > current date/time, sorted ascending: first item. The dropdown will only show times in the future starting from the one closest to current time.




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Whoops my bad, mixed up dropdowns with date time input. @hanan1 's solution better.

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Thank you!

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