Set filename on upload or download

Hi all,

Im trying to figure out how to force a filename change using the standard upload or download functions to //s3. It doesn’t matter when the change happens, as long as the filename is set to the correct name when downloaded by the client.

So somebody uploads a file with a random name, say: WZXY.txt, and when someone downloads that file the name will be corrected to, say: ##-XYZ.txt

Many thanks!

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What’s your workflow to download the file? I’m fairly sure you can dynamically set it there depending on what file download plugin you are using.

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Thanks for the reply,

Its pretty straight forward, there’s an upload button, which disappears after user ‘A’ uploads the file, a link takes its place so user ‘B’ knows its available and downloadable as needed. The file is associated with a specific record in a table.

When retrieved, the files name needs to have a certain naming convention, which is a concatenation of several columns in a table.

I’m aware that I could just reject the file if the name is not correct by deleting after upload, but I don’t want to go down that road as I have reluctant users. I need it to be pain-free so they can upload the file with any name knowing that it will download with the correct name.

Hope that explanation is coherent…

Sounds pretty straightforward :slight_smile:

I more meant screenshots of your actual workflows set up in bubble :wink:

How are you uploading the file? Through bubble’s file uploader element? I’d set the file name after upload by using the ‘a Uploader File is uploaded’ action


I don’t seem to have that action available to me :frowning:

So it appears you are using EzCode’s plugin not the bubble file uploader.

I’m not familiar with the plugin but check out the plugin page is here EZ File Uploader Plugin | Bubble

And it looks like you can set the file name dynamically on upload


Hey thanks, yeah I’m not actually using the EZ uploader, its just in the list as I was trying other ways and it didn’t seem to work as I wanted, but ill give it another go.

The so called EZ uploader makes no sense to me. Where/when is the actual prompt to select a local file? The ‘contents’ field as you have it is just referencing a multiline field. Im trying to upload specific file types such as PDFs etc.

Yay. Found what I needed:

Download a file ! by redype