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Set item number and show it in a text box

I am building an app to enter my cd collection and I want to assign a unique item number to each entry. I want to also show that item number with each entry. I know this is a simple question, but my first time working with this platform. Thanks.

@lowbar77 You could try what I’m doing. Create a data type to store an incremented number. Every time you create a new cd collection you’ll need to increment the number and then store that number in your CD Collection data type.

See this post for screenshots.

Thanks for your response. My apologies, but I am using this platform for the first time and I am not sure how you are setting the attributes for the properties of an item? I will dig around a bit, I think I may be able to figure it out. Thanks, I appreciate your help. :blush:

Create the two data types, then in your workflow, on the CD Collection page, always increment the ID on the “Order Master” data type first and then set the newly incremented ID on the data type that holds your CD Collection.

Here’s my workflow for creating a new story. I first look at the Order Master data type and find the Stories (i.e. post) and add one to the incremented ID field for the stories.

Then I create the story and use the incremented ID I created in action #1 to set the “post ID” field in action #2

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