Set states on elements in repeating group


I have a repeating group that is set up to be a filter for search results.

In the repeating group I created a radio slider to select the option. For the slider to function correctly I needed to set a state onto the slider group to enable the change of colors etc.


Now I am trying to create the clear filters button. My workflows work fine for clearing the entries for the purposes of showing the correct search results, however, I can’t get a workflow to allow me to change all of the states on the radio group because they are inside of a repeating group.

Any ideas how I can get this to function the correct way? I would like to maybe use an id attribute like : groupslidercurrentcellindex

but I don’t think the workflow would allow me to point toward an id attribute


So I just figured this out…I had the set up completed before thinking about this action…

My original set up had a custom state of a radio slider set to 1 or 2 to represent yes or no (for some reason it bubble responds better to numbers than text for me)…this state was what the radio slider colors were dependent on in the conditionals.

I changed the conditionals to be dependent on the filters custom state on the page itself.

For example, body filters custom state on page is a list of body types. When the conditional on the radio slider is set to be when page custom state contains or doesn’t contain the current cells body type it all works fine.

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