Set state only in 1 Cell of the Repeating group

Hello Bubblers,

I will keep this as short as possible.

So my app currently looks like this when you hover a property:

When you press ‘Sold’ a workflow happens that sets a state. "When X is state 1, change text to: ‘Really?’. (So no one accidentally marks a listing as sold).

However, this then sets the state to all those listings.

Is there a way to have that state only in the current cell?


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I usually set a custom state on another element inside of the RG. So I have a group as a container with text and other elements that is placed into the RG.

My custom state might be on the container group. When I have a conditional on elements inside of that container group referencing the custom state of the container group, only those elements in that same cell are changed.

If you have things set up like that already, or it doesn’t work for you, you should look into the Orchestra Plugin.


Hi @boston85719, Thank you for your quick answer and for the Orchestra mention. Will check it out immediately! :smiley:

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