Change the State of a RepeatingGroup Cell by clicking on another element


I’m encountering a really annoying problem that I tried to solve for many days unsucessful.

Here the problem :

  • I would like to know if there is any way to “reset” a state of a repeating group cell by clicking outside the element ?

I know how custom states works, but the problem is, I can’t change the “Cell” State, by clicking on something outside the cell.

Here a screen with the problem attached :

The “Matched Users” is clicked (its a group, with a custom state)

and the “>Yo” Folder is inside a repeating group.

I can’t selected from the “workflow” anything that could “reset” the state of the >Yo Folder, or even set the state to “False”.

It seems I can change a Repeating Group Cell State by clicking on it only, not by clicking on anything else.
I know how to create the conditional state, but I can’t find how to do it with the workflow as I can’t selected the RG Cell by clicking another element.

I want that when I click on “Matched Users” that the >Yo Folder in a RG group reset its state.

Anyone can explain if its possible to do it ?

Thanks for your help.

Helle, I have a similar problem.

Have you been able to find a solution?

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Check out the attached video, please:



Thank you for this plugin, it’s really useful. But when I added it to my repeating group, the page was loading too slow and I got an error.

After many hours trying to understand why, it seems that’s only when my RG isn’t set on “full list”. Because when it’s on “full list”, the page is loading way faster and it works. Weird…

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May I take a look at your preview page which has this error, please? I can take a look at it within 2-3 days.

Thank you for your help. I made you a brand new app, because mine was a bit messy. But I still have this problem. There are two pages.

I was trying to make a change to a list with a custom state number in each row.

When I click the plus I increase the current cell’s state of one unit.

But when I press confirm, that is the sum of all the state’s values who are added to the price, and not only the current cell’s state. Is it possible to do that ?

I’ve taken a look at this. It looks like it works correctly only for full list type. I cannot investigate the issue since there are no errors in the browser’s console.

I’m going to open a bug report and will let you know about an update. :blush:


Good news!

The Bubble team said they could reproduce this behavior and their engineering team is investigating the issue.



Bubble team pushed a fix for this one.

Can you re-check it, please?

Let me know if you will have any issues/notes.

Cheers! Thank you for your help ! It runs perfectly now !