Setting different icons for each list on maps element or atleast different colored

Hey everyone,

I am using the maps element on bubble to to display multiple lists on the maps each with different icons or at least in a different color.

I have created each list as a custom state as i am using an them as dynamic temp. . When ever you select.
I merged all the lists in the data source. But as the type of marker is selected as geo addresses, I don’t have the option to select each list icon as data dependent.

More screenshots can be requested as needed.

Hi there!

Have you used conditional section?
Each list with its customized selected icon.

No, how would l do that? Conditional statements are not allowing filtering .

So I able to do it another way was able to use options data dependent. However, how and where do I set the icons in the database, as an options set or data type? I have a list saved in both however. There seems to be a default icons set not by me, and I cannot change it.

I have done some research, unfortunately, it does not sound that Maps allow you to customize the icon per list.

You can only customize once. To do that using Data Dependent, create a field (image) in the data table you’re using in this Map, and it will be displayed in the dropdown under Data Dependent.

Leafy Maps Plugin | Bubble

Bubble Maps is quite limited, I am mostly using Leafy Maps. You can find most of what you need in this Plugin.

Hope this helps!

Thank you very much. I wondering for that clarification because trial and error techniques kept failing.

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