Set & update field

Hi Everyone,

I have 2 data types:
posts - I store articles here
post_status - all the status options for posts (active, deleted, pending, edited…)

And in posts I have a status field with field type of post_status.
So each post can have it’s own status.

When I create a workflow that creates a new post, I want to set the status to “pending”.
And later to have workflows that change it to “active” or something else.

However, I can’t seem to set a text value for that status field in the workflow.

Any idea what I need to do here?

actually post_status is something I would set up as an option set Using Option Sets - Bubble Docs

If you did not do this you would have to create not only a new post but also create a new post status for every post created where post status text= pending.

an easier alternative (but still inferior to option sets as they load fast) is making post status not a new datatype but a field type text underneath post.
That way when a post is created you can always set this text to = pending.

Thanks @TipLister

This is exactly what I needed :slight_smile: