Defaulting a value from an option set

Hi All,
Pretty new to bubble so I apologize if this is a ridiculously simple question/answer. I created a Sign Up page which works fine. I want to be able to default two additional values not available on the page, but defined in the table. The two fields are User Status and User Role. For example, I have an Option Set called User Status. I then have a field in my User table called User Status with a Type User Status (based on the option set). When I sign up a user for the first time, I want the User Status to default to “Pending Approval” (note my Option Set includes “Active”, “Inactive”, “Pending”).

In the workflow, I am trying to set the field User Status to default to “Pending”, but as I try to define it, it only gives me the options “Add to List”, “Set List”, “Remove List”, etc… I searched but couldn’t find a way to set the default value. Any help would be appreciated.


In your user data type, you have your “User status” set as a list of User Statuses. You should delete that field and create an exact one, just that it won’t be a list of User Status. Leave the box unchecked.

Let me know if that worked.

That was it - so simple. I made the User Status field a TEXT field and then updated the workflow so that the field User Status was using the Option Set where I selected “Pending Approval” and then the %display. Perfect. Thank you.

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