Set field by default to a choice of another data table

Hi there,

I am quite new to and I am excited that such a tool exists and so eager to learn how to use it. My question is:

I have an orders table and a job status table. In the orders table I have a field named “status” that is a data field (connected to the status table)

When I click a SAVE button to save a new order I would like the status for that new order to be set to “Not Started”. This is the first of the 4 different statuses in the status table.

I tried my best but I can’t figure it out. I get an “error” that the status is data and I am trying to save text or numbers etc…

What would be the best way to make this work?

I hope my question is clear and that someone will help me out with this.

I think it would be easier to have a status field in the same table as the order the when you create the new order you can set the status = “Not Started”. Then it would set it as not started right away.

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Yes, I agree it would be easier but I am also populating some drop down boxes with the list of statuses dynamically from that status table. Not sure if it would give me the same flexibility having everything “static” instead of dynamic. I am very new to this… Any benefits to having multiple options like “status” in a separate table at all? Thank you lester.

I can’t think of any right now.

When you need to change the status you can always run a workflow and make changes to the thing.