Setting checkbox value (checked) using a workflow

Hi there, this should be a relatively straightforward question but I can’t seem to find an answer in the forum. Does anyone know if you can set the value of a checkbox using a workflow? i.e - if condition is true → set checkbox to be checked?

Hi there, @frazer.findlater… I’m not exactly sure what you are trying to do here, but you would likely want to do something like set a custom state to a particular value via a workflow, and put a condition on the checkbox element that says when the custom state is set to the particular value, the checkbox’s preset status is checked. Does that sound like it could work for you?


Hey @mikeloc , yeah that’s exactly what I’ve done. I’ve got a custom state that that adds a bunch of students to it when the “select all” checkbox is checked. I’ve even got a condition on the repeating group checkbox’s that says “When custom state contains current student - check the checkbox” (and I can see that condition is true in debug mode) however, for some reason it doesn’t check the checkbox in the repeating group. It’s almost as if some other condition/workflow/whatever is keeping it unchecked. Hence why I was wondering if there was an action I could add in the workflow that set the student to the custom state and checked the box. I hope that makes sense!

Putting a condition on the checkbox that sets the box to checked when the custom state contains the current cell’s student sounds like it should work… can you share some screenshots?

For what it’s worth, here is a video that shows the concept using icons for the checkboxes instead of using the checkbox element, and you might want to consider going that route because I believe the checkbox element can be “finicky” at times in ways that make you think you are doing something wrong when you aren’t.

I’ve already ripped it out. I’ll add it back in tonight and show you what I was seeing in the inspector. But yes, I had a few people recommend icon’s instead of checkboxes but at the time I was already too far down the garden path with what I was building. That will be my next task, to swap out checkboxes with icons, when I get some downtime as it definitely seems like the better solution. Thanks again for your help!

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