Setting empty constraints for filtering things and lists of things

I’ve got a job board, and I’m trying to get the board to show all jobs when there are no filters selected in the multi-dropdowns. If you choose a filter, the board filters correctly. But if there are no filters, the board is empty right now.

“ignore constraints if empty” on the RG’s source doesn’t seem to work. I think it’s because of the way my data is structured:


  • Seniority = Seniority Level (Type)
  • Perks = List of Perks (Type)
  • Job Type = List of Job Types (Type)

The Filters look like:

The RG’s constraints look like:

Appreciate the help. been stuck on this for days. tried changing states, and doing a whole bunch of crazy workarounds but I feel there must be a simple answer here.

Hey there,… I use a very similar setup to filter a repeating group in a couple of my apps, and I don’t have a problem getting all of the records to display when no filters are selected. The only difference between our setups is you are using a multidropdown and I am not, but I can’t imagine why that would matter.

I notice you have some conditions on your repeating group. I’m sure they have nothing to do with it, but any chance one of them is causing a conflict?


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I’ve noticed the same thing when using multidropdowns to filter. My standard workaround is to create a duplicate repeating group that excludes the multidropdown item in the filters. Then I set conditions on each RG—the first one shows if the multidropdown’s item count is >=1, and the second shows if the multidropdown’s item count is 0.


Nope, no conflicts… I actually think this is the answer: Ignor Empty Constraints On List Filter Not Working

When I check what it’s evaluating to, it’s a list even though the list itself is empty!

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The result of “Do a Search for…” is ALWAYS a list. (Lists can have zero items, but the list always exists. A search that turns up no items is a list of length (count) zero.)