Setting price parameters on a drop down

Hey everyone,

I am trying to set constraints to search options in my app. I have created a dropdown with dynamic data that gives various price ranges which a user can select. However, I have created a repeating group of user listings and one of the options for a listing is for them to give a specific price (eg. £199) rather than the price parameters I set.

Is there a way to add a constraint on my app that only shows listings where the price of a listing falls within the the budgets I set out in my data? I have attached a screenshot as an example:Screenshot 2021-01-20 at 12.27.00

Hoping someone can help out.

Thank you!

Building on what you have already, I suggest that everytime an outfitter listing entry is created … both the budget range value and also a price value be created.

This way you can use your dropdown’s value in the search constraint because the price is … right!

I thought about this but in terms of UX it feels like making the user fill out an additional parameter is a bit over the top. Ideally I’d like the price the user sets to automatically fit within the budget parameters. Maybe I’m wrong haha

You should:
Create a DB thing or maybe an option set.
You will have three fields: The range field that will contain text with your current category (example £199 - £299)
Two number field or a range field of number
You will enter 199 in one (i will call it bottom), and 299 in the other (I will call it top).
Your RG will be filtered if price >= Dropdown value 's top / price <= dropdown value’s bottom
Your RG will need to use dynamic data source that point to the new DB


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