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Help with using Min Price + Max Price dropdowns


I’m using Min Price and Max Price dropdowns on my search page. I’ve linked them to the repeating group (see below), but it seems that the price dropdowns are preventing any results from being displayed until I select a value in them (e.g. 1100 in ‘max price’ dropdown shows all relevant listings below £1100).


You can see the ‘Max Price’ dropdown here - it’s a static choice dropdown with a default value of 5000 - I set a default value because I wanted all listings under £5,000 to display, but that doesn’t seem to have worked.


Here is what the repeating group data source looks like. Ideally, I wouldn’t want the price dropdowns to influence the search unless the user has chosen a value.


Another issue is that I can’t use the £ currency symbol in the dropdown field as this prevents the number dropdown from working. How can I get the £ symbol to work with the dropdown?

Public link:


OK, so it seems that the issue with no results loading until I select the pricing dropdowns is due to the + 1 and - 1 I have on the end of each statement. When I remove the + 1 and - 1, the results load normally, but then I have the issue of the dropdowns preventing some results from displaying, e.g. if a property is £1000, and I select 1000 in my dropdown, it’ll show everything less than 1000, not including the 1000 result itself, hence why I have the + 1.

Is there a workaround for this?

I swapped it to an advanced filter, see if that works ?

The way to do the Amount would be to have a dynamic drop down, with a new Data Type with both amounts and display amounts.

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Unfortunately the advanced filter didn’t work.

OK, so I create a new Data Type, e.g. Price Dropdown, then I create number fields for my price filter (e.g. 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, all the way to my max price).

Once I’ve done that, I make my dropdowns dynamic - with the ‘Type of Choices’ set to ‘Price Dropdown’ (my Data Type). What’s the choices source? I tried using ‘Search for Price Dropdowns’, but it didn’t populate the MinPrice dropdown field.

Also, how do I include the £ symbol - you mentioned having a display amount?


You need to set the “option caption” and also populate the data. Have done an example. You just need to add rows to the table, you don’t need all those extra fields.

So I think two solutions for the filter on amounts, either have some conditionals on the Data Source of your repeating group. Or have a couple of Custom States that are set when the dropdowns are changed.

I would suggest the later, as it will be easier to manage the search complexity.

Think it now works.

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I was following your changes to try to understand what was happening under the hood, and will review everything, but I missed the bit where you populated the dropdowns with content + when they were set to display as values with £ – I added more values, but I can still only see £100/£200 in the dropdown.

Thanks for your help, looks like it’s functioning perfectly! What are the downsides to doing it this way - does it use many workflows/ does it slow down the page?

Thanks :slight_smile:

EDIT: Ah, I just figured out how you populated the content!

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It will make it slightly slower, but not by much as the filter will be on previously filtered data. What you could do is make the values in the database 1p lower in each case (or higher for the max). But I think it should be OK, and no extra workflows.

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Doesn’t seem to have affected the speed in any noticeable way - would it affect the speed on page load or just when you try a filter? I can’t see a difference either way!

I can use this same method for my bedrooms dropdown filter now which is great.

Thanks again for your help!

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