Setting radio button based on another radio button

Hi all,

I’m setting up a module pricing structure for my app where users can choose a mix of modules, or all modules for a reduced price. It looks like this:

What I need to do, and can’t seem to work out, is the following:

  1. If someone chooses yes to “all the colours of the Cove” then the 3 radio buttons above automatically change to no (there are various other permutations, but if I can get this one to work then I can work the others out)

I have currently set the radio button as follows:

and then created a workflow so that when the radio button for Cove All Colours is changed to “yes”, the data field temp module blue brown automatically changes to “no”. This works in that the data field changes, but the radio button doesn’t change on the screen. Any ideas?

@debbie you should be able to do this by resetting the group where the radio button is in.

The workflow should look like this:

  • Do when input (radiobutton) is changed and this radiobutton is ‘yes’
  • reset group/popup [the group outside the radiobutton you want to change]
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Thank you Lucas, that works! I had no idea you could reset just a group.

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