Setting Up Stripe for Sellers


so im 90% done with my app and the final stage which i thought would’ve been the most straightforward and simple is proving not to be; that being the setting up of the payment systems.

i want to use stripe and have my own sellers on my platform, and i know you have to create a stripe dev. account etc. but from there im all confused on how to implement it with bubble? im using the normal stripe plugin from bubble (28,000 downloads or so) how can i make it so that people who want to selll can connect their stripe account with my site? ditto for the customers, but with stripe i think you can checkout as a guest per se, so right now im just focused on the sellers. ANY insight into this would be appreciated! (of all the 29k downloads or so theres almost no documentation for this request, amazing)


Okay add me on hangout I will help you out [email protected]

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