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Hi Everyone,

For 3 days now I have been battling ferociously with trying to get payment setup for my service marketplace. I have been going through all of Bubble forum, and loads of Stripe API documentation. Trying to setup my own API calls, as well as testing out various plugins to help me out.

Short story of what I want to achieve:

  1. My service providers can signup as sellers (I have achieved this through the solution suggested in this forum discussion.

  2. My clients, can pay for the services on the platform. (I don’t mind that they get taken to the stripe checkout page)

  3. The payment gets sent to the service providers, and I take a small commission from the sale.

For the last two points I have battled hard trying both to setup API calls myself, as well as tested out the different plugins.

So before I do anymore, I just wanted to ask here if anyone has successfully setup what I mention above? And if so, which route did you take.

I have heard a lot about the stripe.js plugin, but find it very hard to use as there is virtually no documentation available for it at the moment.

My biggest thanks to anyone who dares to enter this discussion topic.


Hey :wave:,

I just set up my stripe integration directly with the Bubble Stripe Plugin.

I even set up v3 (SCA compliant) pretty nicely.

If you want to do the stripe.js route, it’s much more complicated. I had to do the withCoPilot video just to understand it. In the end, the Bubble Stripe Plugin is better for what you need. In the plugin settings just check v3 so you will be up to legal conformity in all countries.

Want to learn more?


Let me know how it goes. Hope you can get it working pretty easily.

Awesome to hear you managed just with the bubble plugin.

Would you happen to have any lessons on it on your site? Or do you have any examples of it working?


That’s a good idea. I will put together a video and post it on my site. I also just realized I need to have a list of all the videos I have on my site visible, then people will know what videos are available.

Hopefully I can do a video tutorial about it this week. :+1:

Hey @kristerbagnkop

Bubble Stripe plugin is okay to start with, but the user experience is not great.

I personnally used a combination of Stripe.js plugin and API Connector calls to achieve payments + auto payout to sellers.

Drop me a PM and I’ll run you through the steps :wink:

I just published part one of a Stripe tutorial on my site:

I will be adding more to it as we go. The first one was to set up subscriptions. I am thinking part two will be charging a user for something and part 3 will be setting up users as sellers. I will try to remember to post them here when I get them done as well. :slight_smile: Hope that helps.

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Hey everyone!

It’s a helpful discussion for me, as I am looking to achieve pretty much what @kristerbagnkop was trying to. Did you make it work? Also, Is it possible to achieve this marketplace functionality, charging fees to user (sellers) within the platform, but internationally?

I ask maybe because is not very clear for me how it would work and what are the requirements to allow sellers on the platform to actually sell and get paid internationally.

Thanks in advacne for your help!

Hey all!

Happy to find this topic! @juan.roberto.garzon pointed out our concern also. We have been strugling to put the exactly the same function as what @kristerbagnkop described.

As for us, we were able to make it work with bubbles own stripe plugin, but not with v3, because the save CC function is disabled. With save CC function we were able to do recurring event in the backend workflow to make the charge monthly, thus put the subscription work through our platform. That was great, because we didn’t need stripe express/custom to make it work, standard was enough and costs stayed lower. But as we operate in Europe, the sca-compliance is needed and we need to use bubbles stripe v3.

However, with v3, I haven’t figured out yet how to make it work. And it would be great to be able to do it with stripes standard account, if possible.

So @kristerbagnkop, were you able to make it work? And were @J805 lessons worth the cost? :wink:
Always like to hear recommendations before paying for content, especially on bubble forum where a lot of help is available also without costs. Not saying there’s anything wrong with professionals offering their services :slightly_smiling_face: All the help is welcomed!

Thank you for all the answers!

Hey :wave:

I haven’t done the Stripe part two video for subscriptions yet with the basic Bubble Stripe plugin. I did get it working, though, on my own app. Once I post the second video I will let you know. :blush:

You can see the functionality of it when someone is about to sign up for a paid membership for my site.

If that functionality works like you want it then I’m more than happy to help you set it up with a one-on-one session.

If you want to know if my sessions are worth the cost, you can see the testimonials on my home page of what some of my clients are saying about my sessions. :blush:

Hope that helps! :blush:

Hey @J805 !

The subscription site in your app looks nice. However is that able to be done on a platform where sellers on our platform make their own subscription products and we would take an app fee from the transactions?
I can manage that with fixed prices, but for a subscription I haven’t been able to do it, at least with the bubbles stripe plugin.

I believe it should work with the Bubble Stripe app too. I can double check when I get a chance next week possibly.

The user should just be able to sign up as a seller and then I think there is an option to charge an app fee as well with that plugin. I know other plugins do it so let me just double check. :blush:

Thank you, that would be great!
I saw you used stripe checkout, and if that works with our intented setup it would excellent.

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I checked out the Bubble Stripe plugin and it looks like it doesn’t handle allowing a seller to create products/subscriptions. Someone can correct me if I am wrong.

It does seem that stripe.js 2 has the ability to do this though. CoPilot has a course for their plugin as well at which isn’t completed yet but it should still give you enough to get you what you need.


Hope that helps! :blush:

Thank you @J805!

I’ll check it through.

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