Setting up TikTok Login - need Help

Ok Doug. I do it. Thank you.
And can you explain how I can create account for user in Bubble after tiktok login? Should I use this request to get info or something else?

When you make the call for the access token you’ll also get a refresh token and an open_id .

You’ll save both to the User in your bubble database along with the access token.

You will use the refresh_token when an access_token needs to be refreshed.

Then, each call you make to tiktok on the user’s behalf will need their access token as the private key.

Getting a user’s info

Ok. I get this tokens and open_id. But its don’t save in current user

And I have an error in this request:

You will have to manually save it to your database in bubble.

and what about this error in get request?

I’m assuming the act. isn’t supposed to be in with your Bearer token

Hey @doug.burden! Thanks for dropping some knowledge in the chat :smiley: it gave me some hope that someone’s been able to figure this out.

It seems like Tiktok has released a new API - I’ve been getting this error.

When sending this call:

Any idea how we could solve it? Would you be open to consulting over zoom if it’s not a quick fix?

Thank you!

Did you get my response?

Thanks for the response @doug.burden ! I tried that too but couldn’t get it to work - Instead I setup a webhook in and ran it through there x)

Hello do anyobe has a video about how to connect in tiktok?

no ideia what to do now!

Hello @doug.burden thank you for your detailed guidance it was a good read, i am getting this error

“error”: “invalid_request”,
“error_description”: “The request parameters are malformed.”,
“log_id”: “202307051016480BECD4C95AED37CC8F20”

i have no idea what i am missing, do you know what to do in this situatio, will appreciate your help

Hi, did you ever get a solution to this? I’m running into the same issue!

Yes, Do it like that