Setting zeroqode native app

I’m tryin to setup the WF with Zeroqode native app, and when I setup the push notification with Onesignal to a list of users appears this error messagge:

This is how I’ve setted the WF step

There is an issue with your JSON - you should try to report to console how your DATA looks when you send it, and try to see if it’s valid JSON.

How could I do that?

Hello @quidsicurezza,
Thank you for your message.

As discussed via email before, we advised you to follow the Air Native plugin Documentation and the Setup Guide for successful integration of the Air Native plugin into your Bubble app.

If you go to the workflow - find the element action Air Native - OneSignal push notification to list of users or Air Native - OneSignal push notification to individual.
You have the option to see what each field means and how to properly set it up.

More information about the plugin actions:

The error you received is because your player_ID’s (body) Array is not set correctly and one or more player_IDs from your List are empty. To avoid empty device IDs we recommend using Bubble constraints (see the above picture)

We’ve also shared more details via your email with examples of how to use
Air Native - OneSignal push notification to list of users
Air Native - OneSignal push notification to individual.

Wish you good luck and please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have other product-related questions.
Best regards,
Zeroqode Support Team.

Hi, as you could see in the screenshot I’ve setted the step as is showed on the guide:
This is the guide:

And this is mine:

But still doens’t works:

Hello @quidsicurezza,

We appreciate your message. However, we suggest continuing our work via email or the forum for improved collaboration. This ensures that we maintain a clear record of our correspondence and avoid any confusion.

Regarding the above message, we have addressed them via email and have identified an issue with the workflow on the Live version of your app. We’ve also provided additional guidance on resolving this issue.

Thank you once again for your cooperation, and we hope for your understanding. :pray:

Best regards,
Zeroqode Support Team.