Using push notification from different services

I have published my native app on the Apple and Android stores through the Zeroqode service, but I would like to use the BDK push notification services, is it possible? or do I necessarily have to use the functions of the plugin with which I published the app?

Hi @quidsicurezza,
Thank you for your message.

The iOS/Android app converted with Air Native service is compatible with only the Air Native plugin in terms of Push Notifications.

As you can see in the Air Native plugin supporting documentation there is this important Note:

The Air Native Plugin allows you to implement the native features within your Bubble editor, but to convert the Bubble app into native Android and iOS, it is required to use the Air Native service.

As discussed prior via email - we recommended verifying the workflow actions and ensuring the Air Native element is placed on the page and visible - otherwise it will not work properly.

For additional guidance check the Air Native plugin demo editor page: Zeroqode-demo-29 | Bubble Editor

Hope it helps and we are waiting for your reply via email.
Zeroqode Support Team.