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Settings for individual users

Hello everyone! I have a question regarding users and settings - I looked all over the community (and YouTube) and didn’t see this answered anywhere but please direct me if I missed something.

I’ve been building out an application that is similar to Linktree and well I’ve started understanding how all the different elements work and what they pull from my user data, I can’t figure out why settings are being displayed wrong for the users,

Here’s my issue:

I’m trying to only allow user X to update items relating to their account, so for example, I’m using this to show elements and pulling the data from the “Parent group” of that page/repeating group (in my case a profile pic, cover photo, name and description). I’m displaying settings in an overlay to make it easier to have them edit it (profile pic, cover photo, etc.) but can’t seem to separate the users and any ‘logged-in user’ can edit other users’ settings.

To summarize it, they are showing different images, and text in the overlay (I think it’s related to my placeholders somehow) from what the user added to their page.

Any help here is greatly appreciated or if you can even point me in the right direction. I also want to make sure this is achievable with Bubble at the very least.

Attaching a screenshot to show in more detail. It may also help to note I’ve built this so there are edit buttons on the page for the user, but are hidden if logged-out users access the page - I added the edit settings button directly to the main page. Which isn’t solving my issue for other logged-in users.

Any help is greatly appreciated. The community has been amazing so far for learning so much! I can provide more details or screenshots too, I just wasn’t sure what would be helpful.

Go RTFM on (and explore) Privacy Rules. It’s very easy to control what things are readable, writeable, searchable and this is done on a per-Thing (custom data type) basis.

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