Setup custom domain godaddy


I have set up my custom domain on GoDaddy like this:

When I tested it 2 hours ago (after just setting it up), I got a 403 error in my browser with a Cloudfare error.
At this moment my browser gives the following error.

My app editor says the following.

Does it always take 24 hours?
Need my app back online as soon as possible.



Please consult this page in the manual:

In particular, you only have a single working record (www), which is trying to redirect to the bare domain that you have connected to your app, and that bare domain isn’t configured with your registrar.

I changed my domain to www.*** and after that forwarded my bare domain to www.*** . This worked!
At the moment my site had only http and it says that it’s unsafe, but ssl is activated due to cloudfare. Should I wait a couple of hours to become active?


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