Need Help With setting up bubble

Can you please post sequential, clear instruction to setup a paid domain with godaddy. Thanks !

I’m not certain who you were directing that to?

What are you having issues with?

I have a domain on godady.

Since you cannot direct godaddy to bubble, I created an account on namecheap to use their freedns and added a txt record. I am stuck at this step.

I use Godaddy, and I am able to use bubble no problem. What wasn’t working?

I waiting for FreeDns on namecheap to verify my domain ownership. Been a long time waiting.

Are you having issue with ALIAS or CNAME?
Does both and aren’t working?

I am now seeing this

403 Forbidden


on the www version

I assume your custom domain on Bubble is

try changing it to as a default one

Thanks. Just did that

But the site is still not loading. I have setup the dns with the freedns of namecheap and then setup the above records

You have set up a domain name for your app, but the settings aren’t correctly set up with your domain name manager.

Please check, until then your app is likely not to be displayed properly. This setting isn't in Bubble, but in the DNS manager (GoDaddy, Dreamhost, etc.).

We found DNS records for that do not seem to point to Bubble: A record, A record, CNAME record It can take up to 24 hours for domain records to propagate across the internet, so if you think it is set up correctly, please try again in a bit.

Ok, what you’re trying to do is to set up the Cloudflare acceleration with your Domain name being hosted on Godaddy. Not just setting your domain with Bubble.

For the record - you don’t necessarily need to enable Cloudflare to set your domain.

In this case - the DNS/A record set up is going to be much more straightforward.

But if that’s important to you, then I can’t imagine this move from Godaddy to Namecheap being described in a lot more details than in this video right here:

You mentioned that you watched ‘a video’, but this is the one you need - it literally has all the steps visually shown in terms of what you need done in both Godaddy and Namecheap interfaces.

Hope this helps!


I watched this video and I followed the steps exactly.

I am not sure why am I still getting the 403 cloudflare page.

Thanks !

If you’re sure you followed all the steps correctly - I’d recommend shooting a bug report via

Bubble team can look at your set up and advice if there’s anything abnormal.

Good luck :wink:

This screen is normal. Takes time for it to propagate and register with Cloudflare. Give it time.

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It doesnt seem like a bug, but something I am missing.

Oh, sure. Will do.

Thanks, Issue Resolved !

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