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Severe Error in Bubble API - Issue with Line Breaks in OCR Text Response

Hey Bubble Community,

I need your help with a frustrating issue in my app. I’m using Konfuzio’s API for OCR, but it sends back text responses with troublesome “\n” characters that Bubble’s API Connector misinterprets as line breaks. This is causing me to miss the actual text values and preventing further functions. Manually removing the “\n” characters isn’t an ideal solution, and I lack coding expertise for more advanced fixes.

I’m sending a GET request to Konfuzio’s API with a dynamic [Document_ID] at “[Document_ID]/?fields=text”. If anyone has experienced this problem or has clever workarounds, your wisdom would be greatly appreciated. Let’s brainstorm together to automate this process without requiring extensive coding knowledge.

I know the Bubble community is incredibly supportive, and I’m excited to hear your creative suggestions. Your assistance will ensure my app functions seamlessly and saves me from going crazy. Thank you in advance for your time, support, and positive vibes. Let’s conquer this challenge and make Bubbleverse even more extraordinary!