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Share button issues

I created share buttons and intended to share the blog post i created. For some reason it does not work on and takes me back to my index on mobile. Also it shares a picture of bubbles landing page instead of a preview of my blog

This is the live preview… when i click to share it shows this

Why don’t you use dynamic values for your share buttons, assuming you won’t always be blogging about 12 ultimate tips for planning a luxury safari holiday.

URL to share: This URL

Page Name: Current Page’s Blog Title

Thumbnail used for links is under Settings: Metatags.

could you please walk me through how to do this please.

I am confused.

Many thanks!

Click on the URL to share field, select insert dynamic data, scroll to “this URL”.

Click on Page Name, and reference the title of your page in the same manner. I assume you have some sort of data called “post” with a title. Use the dynamic data to reference that title. Perhaps best to watch the tutorials again.

Ive done the url part and typed in the title of the blog post, I then clicked insert dynamic data, whats next after that for the page name?

You probably want the current page’s blog title. However you have that set up in your database, you can navigate to that field. Is your page set to be type blog post? If so, your page’s fields will be available.

I’m not sure. is there a way to make it a blog type post? Also when i click these share buttons on desktop they work properly. But when i click them on mobile they redirect me back to my websites homepage?

Pull up the editor for your page - just click anywhere on the page that’s not an element and you’ll see your settings for the page. The field “Type of Content” is where you to set its data type. Pages don’t require them, but if you’re building a template page like this for blog posts, you’ll want to set it to your blog post data type so that you can display dynamic data (your blog posts) on it.

Also check and see if that “mobile version” field isn’t set to something and is causing that re-direct on mobile.

Hi, ive checked and its the mobile version has been set to the page of the blog. It is still redirecting me back to the homepage of my website

If it’s just the same page, you don’t need to have anything in the mobile version field.

Sorry to bother you again.

I have now removed it from the mobile field. However… its still redirecting me to the website homepage on mobile

Ok, could you share a link to your editor. Basically the thing in the address bar in the screenshot you just sent.

Should i make my app public so you can edit it?

Yes, please!

ive just done it for you:

thank you!

Ok, so a few things:

I just did a quick forum search with this issue - the AddToAny buttons not working on mobile, and it seems a few other people have run into it as well, determined it’s not compatible, and have possibly found a workaround:

Not sure what your goals are for your blog, but if you plan on creating many different posts with different content, then I highly suggest building out a single blog post template page that can then display your dynamic content (your posts). Right now, you have static text on this single post page that’s built specifically for this content. You’ll save yourself a lot of time and effort if you built out a template for posts and then send the post data to the page so that you only have a single blog post page and not a separate page for every single post.

For example, the big text element would just hold the dynamic text tag for content that is stored in your database instead of the content being in this element. Again, this might not be what you’re after, but thought I’d make the suggestion in case you are going for a traditional blogging site. Also would suggest doing some of the Bubble lessons on saving data and sending data to pages. For a blog, you’d have to create a CMS for yourself where you can type in your blog post in a rich text editor, save it to the database, and then be able to retrieve different posts on a single blog post page.

Thank you so much for your help and effort!

I have created a page that holds all my blogs on 1 page:

Its really unfortunate that I am having this problem right now. Its just this small problem that has stoped me from launching my site