Hardcoded and dynamic URL

I am using the AddtoAnyshare plugin for social share buttons. Inside this I need to put a URL (for sharing articles posted by users) and have put like this
https://www.myappname.com/shareart/” this part is the current cell’s Post’s slug. The posts are in a repeating group.

No matter how much I try, when I share the article on FB, Twitter, it is not the article that gets shared but my overall website’s homepage image, title, site name and description that I have added in the settings/SEO Metatags section.

I am wondering if I am putting the URL incorrectly inside the plugin though when I type the URL manually on the browser, it works.

Can anyone help?

If the button to share the article is inside the rg, you will use dynamic content.

The value will be “Website home URL/current cell’s article’s slug”. Make sure to remove the forward slash between URL and current. When you use website’s home URL, Bubble will add a forward slash at the end of it.

Bubble tutorials

Thanks. There is a page called sharepost that creates the URL from a post in the RG. Do I need to include that. If so, is this the correct format Website home URL/sharepost/current cell slug.? Do I need to include forward slash between URL and sharepost?

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