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Share button not working on mobile.. help?

My share button does not seem to work on mobile

Hey @arnolddebiyi, the Bubble community is super helpful and attentive to every single post. Don’t worry, your questions are being read and someone will jump in to help out to the best of their ability! I and a few others see your troubles with your share button issues, so we’ll help you sort it all out. Also, if you share a link to your editor, that helps the most because someone can actually go in and look at how everything is set up.

I suggest keeping questions/concerns to a single post though so that the forums can stay organized and later down the road when someone else has this same issue, they can find the answer in fewer posts and not across a whole bunch of them. Obviously similar questions come up all the time, but seems like you’re having the same issue with the share button and had a question about Bubble pricing and publishing. Just stick to one post per question, and I promise someone will respond. If you feel it’s gone unanswered too long, just bump it in the same thread so that it comes back to the top of the forum.

Happy to see you’re building on Bubble!