Share 'Thing' on Facebook with a customized layout

Hi everyone,

I’ve looked through the forum about the issue of sharing posts on Facebook from a Bubble app and have not found a solution on how to customize the link preview.

I have tried the AddToAny plugin and the Facebook Complete plugin, but I’m always getting the same thing:

So, basically I need the header, description and photo to correspond to the ‘Thing’ that is displayed on the page. I shouldn’t have a problem with caches as my app has a different URL for each thing.

Will really appreciate the feedback.


I think you ll need to add the metatags for dynamic contents and then use insert dynamic option to edit it to correspond with your data type

You will need to “pre-scrape” the page.


Thanks a lot for the reply.
I looked through the link you provided, but it did not seem to work. When I tried to initialize the call in the plugin - this is what I got.

It seems to be asking for an access token, which I’m not sure how to extract properly.

Ah, sorry, Broken by facebook in October it seems. Will see if I can fix it.

OK, so you now need to pass an access token, but easy enough as you don’t have to have the user’s token, you can use an app token.

Create a Facebook App, and pass the Appid and App Secret seperated by |

Hi, Nigel.

I’ve come back to this issue once again and still can’t find a viable solution.
Any updates on how to perform a page scrpae so that it looks well with a Facebook share?

Yes, the above example now works.

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@NigelG that’s great, thx for sharing that, just implemented it and works great. Would love it even more if it were possible to post a video URL instead of an image (if there was a video available to scrape that is) which in my case, there is! :wink: thanks again

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Can you explain this more? I am trying to allow users to share things from my bubble app to their facebook feed, but can’t find any good instructions on how to do so.

Could you explain it? I can’t call it :thinking:

When i tried it. Bubble shows me this message