Facebook Scrape

Hi all - wonder if anyone can kindly help.

I am trying to set up an auto FB Scrape on page load as I will have dynamic images to share.

I am less than novice with APIs, so I have tried to follow some info from other posts, and from some documentation, and have come up with this…

However, when I press “Initialize Call” (I’m assuming this tests it), I get an error message which says… “There was an issue setting up your call. API Connector error: this header name is not correct undefined.”

I have no idea what I am doing wrong here. If someone is able to help I would be most grateful.

Facebook from the scrape in October, so you now need to pass a token.

And it may be that even that method doesn’t work, as the token may expire.

Thanks Nigel. It’s not the end of the world, but I will keep searching to see if I can find a solution.

Given your experience, I would certainly appreciate your thoughts on my site if you have a few minutes. I will be adding many more features in the coming weeks, but if you could pass your experienced eyes over it quickly and let me know if you think there is anything I should be doing that I’m not, or vice versa, that would be very much appreciated.