Shared Clusters in Other AWS regions

I am a running a rental e-commerce business in India. Currently our average page load speed is around 5-6 seconds and it goes around 9-10 seconds on some bad days/bad times.
(Not exactly sure why this happens. Maybe overload/scaling on bubble server? Our capacity usage is always less than 10%.).

One of the recent Deloitte report stated that on average conversions saw an increase of 8% by every 0.1s improvement in page speed. You will find similar data by many other research reports.

Not many business may be doing > $1000 billing on growth stage and they hence cannot move to dedicated plan, but I think most of them will be ready to move to a different shared region if that is closer to their end customers and hence possibility of improving site speed by reducing network latency.
Humanized Latency Numbers(Latency numbers every programmer should know · GitHub)

I am sure bubble is having a lot customers on regions outside US. Why bubble is currently restricted to only one AWS region? Is there any plan to give users freedom to choose region outside dedicated plans?

Bubble may be having a lot of customers from India. Why not start another shared cluster in AWS Mumbai region?

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I agree. Especially bubble uses, AWS which has already Regions around the world. We need to be able select our region when upgrade to Professional Plan onwards.