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Sharing Content on Social Media

Hi Bubblers,
I need help with something I have been struggling with for about 3 days and will appreciate any insights. I am developing a feature that lets users to share contents we generate on our App (e.g Blog) to their social media contacts e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. I also want a feature that will track the Blogs shared by a user. For example, the number of likes, the number of views , etc. and will allocate values accordingly. Finally, we want to be able to allocate a value to users, say “4” each time they share a blog. Any person with insights on how to go with this? I will greatly appreciate…


There is a Bubble plugin

and also numerous other plugins in the marketplace. Haven’t used any of them so can’t make a recommendation :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing the link Linsay, the problem is I am still not able to find a plugin that allows users to track the post they shared from my App to their social media networks and displays this information on their dashboard in my App., e.g display information on the Facebook who viewed the post current users shared, current users who liked the post, etc. Any suggestion on this?

Some of the analytics data you want is available via social networks, such as Facebook, and other are not or were removed over the past several years. For example, you can get the number of likes, even down to the type - happy face vs sad face, impressions, number of retweets, video views, etc. However, you can’t get who liked or a list of followers. The networks don’t allow this for privacy reasons.

You can check out our Analytics Endpoint to see examples of what is available or our Bubble Plugin.

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