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Shoot/Upload Video to Youtube?

The title says it all: we want to:

Pass control from Bubble app to phone/tablet camera
Let user shoot short video
Return control to Bubble, which would then upload it to our YouTube account.

I’ve done something somewhat similar using php & js in Cordova/PhoneGap, but am looking for a Bubble solution (if possible)…

I’ve played with the Ziggeo plugin…unfortunately, when returning control to Bubble, it wants to upload straight to Ziggeo without letting me intercept…I’ve thought about trying to find an API to copy from our Ziggeo account (currently free, as they charge waaaaaay too much for the Basic package) to YouTube, but not sure how to approach that…

I’ve also played with Bubble’s image uploader…I can get it to bring up the camera & shoot the vid, but nothing seems to be returned to Bubble

So, does anyone have any insight on how this might be accomplished? Should I write my own plugin to do this? Is anyone working on something like this (and would you like a beta tester?)

Any thoughts, clues or direction appreciated…!

…and thnx!