Shopify GraphQL Storefront API : Can I Build Bubble Frontend with Shopify Backend?

Hi fellow Bubblers.

I am not a coder so my understanding on API is limited.

Can I build a Bubble frontend application that connects with my Shopify store backend? I read on Shopify that for Storefront, Shopify only provides GraphQL API, no Rest API. Can I use GraphQL with Bubble API connector? I understand that Bubble is using Rest API.

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Various alternatives:

You could consider embeding Shopify into Bubble. I do not know the details but just through a quick browse I see that Shopify provides for embedabble buy buttons.

Another alternative is to explore this interesting plugin by the good folks from Zeroqode @vladlarin

Last one is to build the integration using Bubble’s API connector. This would be an elaborate approach but likely doable. Zeroqode built theirs.

Hi @cmarchan

Thank you for your reply. Great plugin. I will explore it!

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