Shorten a repeating list

I have an issue with my repeating list.
I have set a type for each user that signs up on my website (Customer or Professional).
The problem is, when I display a repeating group, they show me the the email adress of people I want to see, and I think they are trying to hide the other users.

Here an exemple :

They simply replace the users I don’t want to show, by a blank.

Here’s how I manage to hide the users I don’t want to show :

Thanks in advance.

Hi there, @oscar.guinze… if I understand your post correctly, you simply need to put a constraint on the repeating group’s data source/search (which you can do by clicking on the search expression) to have the repeating group show only the users you want. In this case, I assume the constraint would be Type = Customer. Oh, and then you would remove the condition you are showing in the screenshot.

Hope this helps.


Hi, @mikeloc thanks for the response.
Like this ?

I can’t insert the type “Customer” in it

I assume Type is a text field? If so, click anywhere in the red area, and you will be able to type “Customer”.

That being said, you might want to consider using an option set to define the different user types. If you don’t know much about options sets, take the time to learn about them because they are super useful.

Hallelujah @mikeloc thank you very much for your help and the quickness of your answer. It was an easy task.

I’ll go learn about those options sets you mentioned.

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