This seems like a simple fix but i'm stuck - Repeating group issue

I’m trying to make an app that allows medical professionals to keep track of their medical licenses. I’ve created a page with a repeating group, and a popup button to “add a license”. In the popup, there are two drop down menus with the license types and states as options.

my issue is that the repeating group displays the cells prior to any input from the user.

Once the user submits their credentials, it still displays these repeating groups with the back end information.

my goal is for the user to only see the information that they submitted, and not all the data available. Any help for a noob will be appreciated!



You need to set up the repeating group to be filtered by current user.

(I’m on the train at the minute and can’t access the internet too well - otherwise I would give some screen grabs.)

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thank you so much! I’m not sure if I did what you were suggesting, but your suggestion led me to figure it out!

I added constraints to the data source for the repeating group. Is that what you were suggesting? Because that worked. If not i’d be curious to know if there’s another or better way you had in mind for future reference. Thanks again!

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Yup, add constraints to restrict data that can be viewed by the current user. For further security, apply privacy roles to the tables.

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