Determining user views on a page at login

Good day,

I have a dashboard with repeating groups that I have been able to put conditions on and the conditions work perfectly. But in addition to the conditions, I want the user types I have in my users table to see a different list based on the types. For instance, if a user type called business logs in, I want the user to only see items in the list created by them, if the user was IT, I want the user to see items assigned to them alone, which obviously belongs to multiple business users and if the user is an administrator, I want the user to see all the items.
I don’t want to create multiple of the pages based on the users.
Can you please advise an approach to help with this?

So sorry for disturbing you but can you help advise me on this please?
I did a Diplay list on the repeating Group element where I put in the various constraints as I desire and then set the Repeating Group datasource to point to itself like this:

But I’m ending up with a blank list when I run it.

Don’t worry about this. I got it to work.
One of my constraints wasn’t working as expected. All good now.

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Just started to read this. Glad you got it working. :blush::raised_hands: